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The Copper Top Bar AKA The Horsebox

This bar is the original bar. The one where it all began!

we founded and built The Copper Top with our own fair hands! Everything you see was done by the two of us, from design to finish and we're very proud of what we have achieved. The final result is something a bit quirky and will get your guests talking.

We're not DIY gurus and converting an old horse box into what you see now was a lot harder than serving drinks behind it!  

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The Copper Teardrop

This lovely little vintage teardrop carava has been beautifully converted into a stunning fizz van! Serving fizz and beer/ ale on tap, as well as a G&T or Pimms option. Perfect for welcome drinks!

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The Rustic Top

This cute little pop up bar can be set up inside or outside and is perfect for big or small events, from weddings to garden parties!

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