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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we choose the drinks The Copper Top stocks/serves?


  • Of course! Personalisation is really important to us. We know that no party, wedding or event is the same, so why should your bar be? If there are particular spirits, lagers/ales or cocktails you like then we're happy to stock them (so long as we can source them!)

Can you create me a bespoke cocktail?

  • This is our absolute favourite thing to do! Just tell us your favourite spirits and the kind of drinks you like (crisp, fruity, sweet, refreshing, spicy?!) and we'll work with you to come up with your own cocktail. We'll also think up a (sometimes pretty awful) personalised name for it.


How far will you travel?

  • We generally travel up to 50 miles from Brighton, but we're always happy to consider travelling further. There will of course be a small cost associated with the extra distance, but we can discuss this with you.

What do you mean by a 'minimum spend' and what happens if it is not met?

  • The minimum spend is just a required amount of money that the bar needs to take on the day. This is usually £1,000-£1,500, but can vary. If you decide on the hire of The Copper Top then we will take a deposit, which will include the hire fee, plus a bit extra which will be refunded if our minimum spend is met. If the minimum is not met, then some of the deposit will be retained, to meet the minimum amount required (or the difference invoiced to you).

Do you provide glassware?

  • As The Copper Top is only a small bar, there is limited storage and no dishwasher! For this reason, we use reusable and recyclable plastic cups (not ones that go to landfill!). However, if you do want glassware, for example flutes for a toast, then we're happy to provide this at a small fee. Some bars and events companies use 'compostable' cups, but these have to be sent to a special facility (they can't just go in your garden compost bin!) and often are not disposed of properly and ultimately end up in landfill!

What is a TEN?

  • A TEN is a Temporary Event Notice. Essentially, a licence to allow alcohol to be served at your venue. Some venues are licenced premises, but not all, especially if your venue is a field, church or village hall. We will apply for the TEN under our personal alcohol licence and the fee for this is usually around £25. 

Is it always Tilly and Ruaridh serving?

  • We have a small pool of excellent bar tenders who we bring along to some of our bigger events, but there will always be one, if not both, of us behind the bar too!

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